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Address: Road 12-1,Dongzhou Industry Zone, Fuyang district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

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Established in 1994, Zhejiang Anshun Pettechs Fibre Co., ltd.(hereinafter refers to as Anshun)is located in Fuyang district, Hangzhou City, who devoted to the production and development of functional polyester staple fiber, recycled polyester staple fiber and bi-component staple fiber.

With two Bi-component staple fiber lines, Anshun provides the market with the products PE/PET, PE/PP and PA6/PET. Fiber denier range is 1.5D~6.0D, 15D. Raw white and super white are available. The annual capacity is 30,000 MT. The major application for those Bi-component fiber are hygiene use nonwovens for baby diaper, adult incontinent and fem care napkin.

Besides the Bi-component staple fiber lines, Anshun has one polyester staple fiber line.This polyester line can provide the flame retardant fiber,water&oil water repellent fiber and anti-bacterial fiber etc. The fiber denier range is 1.5D~25D. The annual capacity is 20000 MT. The major application for those polyester fiber is shoes material, filtration , acoustic panel, insulation, automobile interiors and carpet etc.


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