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Welcome to the website of Zhejiang Anshun Petteches Fibre Co.,Ltd.
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Welcome to the website of Zhejiang Anshun Petteches Fibre Co.,Ltd.

2019/03/23 16:28
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Founded in 1994, Zhejiang Anshun Petteches Fibre Co.,Ltd. has more than 200 employees and is a Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in the production of 1.5D-25D polyester staple fiber. After years of hard work, it has formed a customized and professional product route. . Our products are widely used in non-woven fabrics such as needle punching, stitching, and non-cotton. It is widely used in the fields of shoe materials, filter materials, automotive materials, leather base fabrics, carpets, etc.

In 2015, a new two-component composite fiber production line was newly produced, mainly producing composite products such as ET bico fiber, EP bico fiber, PA6/PET, with a total capacity of 26,000 tons/year.

In September 2018, Anshun's third composite spinning production line will be put into production, with a planned production capacity of 18,000 tons/year, producing 1.5D-2D two-component composite fiber, supporting dust-free workshops, mainly used in the field of sanitary materials.